Spoilers Ahead! Get the Exclusive Fashion and Plot Details From Last Night's Revenge

Spoilers Ahead! Get the Exclusive Fashion and Plot Details From Last Night's Revenge
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The season finale of Revenge is next week, and as expected, last night's episode didn't skimp on the thrilling plot! After being kidnapped at the end of last week's showing, Charlotte finds herself tied up in an old TV studio, not knowing Emily, Nolan, and Aiden are behind everything. A masked Aiden places a newspaper about Pascal's death on Charlotte's lap, and Emily records her with a camera from the other end of a two-way mirror. She then sends the clip to Conrad and tells him, in a disguised voice, to confess his role in the framing of David Clarke if he wants to see Charlotte safe. Conrad receives the message and attempts to get the help of one of his hitmen, but the call is intercepted by Nolan. Instead of being met by his hired gun at the wharf as expected, Conrad arrives to find a box, which contains a video of Charlotte getting hit by her captors, and a bloody ear. Unbeknownst to Conrad, the video isn't real -- Nolan manipulated Javier's MyClone app to simulate the event. Back at headquarters, Charlotte is shown a series of videos, proving that her father was behind the framing of David Clarke, and it is revealed that in covering up his role, Conrad was also responsible for the death of Declan, her former boyfriend.

As expected, Victoria is still distraught over Pascal's death, and believes Emily was the Homeland Security agent he was in contact with shortly before being killed. Daniel agrees, but also knows that Conrad was behind Pascal's death. He shares this information with Margaux, who shows him surveillance footage of an unknown woman leaving the scene of the crime. "I thought that scene was so great, because at first, you're wondering if he'll do something bad, but then, you see he's playing both sides," says costume designer Jill Ohanneson. "He knows his dad did it, and he was even speaking to his father about Pascal leaking information to the feds in the previous episode." Meanwhile, Victoria swipes a blood sample from Carl, Jack's baby son, but later learns of Charlotte's kidnapping from Conrad, and is understandably distraught.

Concerned about Charlotte, Javier visits Jack at the Stowaway and tells him that he's been trying to contact her, but hasn't heard anything for days. Jack is then able to track down Emily, Nolan, and Aiden as they're interrogating Charlotte. He is upset at how they're treating her, and Emily agrees to go into town and get her a sedative. "It was so great when Jack came in, and he was so outraged -- it was like, 'That's the Jack I love!'" adds Ohanneson. "I love when he gets tough." Aiden asks Jack to relase Charlotte and heads into town after Emily. As she is making her way to the pharmacy, Emily is stopped by the police -- thanks to Daniel, of course. She is taken to the police station for her own interrogation session, only for a fight to break out between Aiden and Daniel moments later.

This leaves Jack alone at the TV station with Charlotte, and he takes this opportunity to finally set her free. Still wearing a mask, he leads her back to Grayson Manor, where she enters only minutes before Conrad is set to hold a press conference. Upset, she confronts her father about his role in framing David Clarke, and threatens to go to the police. He begins yelling at her, and says that if she does, he'll erase her just as he did to other people, then cuts her off to begin the press conference. Unbeknownst to him, Conrad is already on-air... A tiny camera was attached to a button on Charlotte's jacket, which broadcast his confession to the world. "I loved Emily's face when they were showing on TV that Conrad had finally been caught," Ohanneson says. "You can tell that it really hit her." The police come to arrest Conrad, and after he is detained, Emily visits him at the jail. He realizes that she was behind everything, and with her aim now zeroed in on Victoria, he wishes her luck. Each week, we catch up with Ohanneson to get the details on what each character wore, and how each of the specific pieces helped to set the plot. Click through our gallery to get all of the details now!

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