#BestofDigi: See Our Picks for the Best Online Consignment Shops

#BestofDigi: See Our Picks for the Best Online Consignment Shops
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Whether you're looking to sell, shop, or simply swoon, chances are there is an online consignment shop out there waiting to serve you. But how do you know which ones are really worthy of your time and effort? We did some digging for our November #bestofdigi feature, and came up with these eight online consignment shops we think are standouts. From Bib + Tuck's expert curator to SnobSwap's option to swap instead of sell, we found each of these sites to be exemplary in their own way. Plus, all of our picks offer an unparallelled vetting processes to ensure that what you're buying -- and selling! -- is the real deal. (Speaking of deals, check out the discount codes some of the sites featured throughout the #bestofdigi categories, including fashion, beauty  and health, have offered up exclusively to InStyle readers. And be sure to tell us what deals you picked up on social media using #bestofdigi.)

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#BestofDigi: Sites We're Swooning Over
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