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A Chic New Way To Carry a Clutch

A Chic New Way To Carry a Clutch

One of the freshest, must-have handbags for spring is a clutch with decorative, innovative straps and handles. Whether thin or thick, metal or leather, slide in, hand held, or cuff-form, these styles are something you'll want to have and to hold.

It's all about the details. The more straps the better, right? For shoes, certainly. And now this MO is making waves throughout the accessories arena and flirting with the handbag department. So, gone are the days when clutches were strictly hands-free. This new style has serious staying power—literally. This truly is a new way to work a clutch. You are no longer carrying it, you're wearing it.

We love the idea of a mini handheld bag so much so that we crafted a cobalt style of our own, for our second Nine West X InStyle collection (pictured above). We then fell in love with the gold holographic M2Malletier style, also pictured above. This top-handle style has everyone's attention at the moment and is inevitably at the top of their wishlist. If you choose to take an edgier route, opt for the hardware heavy, burgundy Marni style shown above. Or, if you want to take this trend to the next level (we encourage you to!), rock the Reece Hudson curved box clutch (pictured below). This style merges the best of both worlds: jewelry and handbags.

These fabulously nontraditional styles are a refreshing departure from your collection of classic clutches. Shop the gallery and grab this clutch style while it's hot.

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