16 Yellow Dresses Inspired by Beyoncé's Lemonade Look

16 Yellow Dresses Inspired by Beyoncé's <em>Lemonade</em> Look
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If you're anything like us, then you've had Beyoncé's masterpiece of an album Lemonade on repeat since Saturday. Sorry, I ain't sorry. And not only have you not been able to get literally all of the tracks out of your head, but you haven't been able to stop obsessing over Queen Bey's fantastic ruffly, twirly, billowy Roberto Cavalli marigold pleated creation above from "Hold Up" (a design that's practically made for slo-mo).

Sadly, the now-iconic fall design won't be available until at least August (and even then, who knows how long the wait list will be). But not to worry, we found fail-safe fallback options that are just as good for swinging baseball bats, smashing everything in sight (fire hydrants, parked vehicles, and video cams included), and navigating a monster truck. From sweeping pleated gowns to short ruffled dresses, channel your inner Bey with these Lemonade-worthy picks.

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