What People Used to Wear Before Leggings Took Over

What People Used to Wear Before Leggings Took Over

"What did we wear before leggings?" asked InStyle Fashion Features Director Stephanie Trong, as we waited for our SoulCycle class to start. A simple question, yet it left us stumped. What did we used to wear pre-leggings fame? (And yes, we pondered this while in leggings—read our reviews here.) 

If anything, our complete bewilderment only points to just how ubiquitous workout leggings are in our athleisure-obsessed society. Factor in comfort, the easiness (slash laziness) of slipping on a pair and calling it a day, and the overwhelming abundance of legging-centric celebrity looks, and it's no wonder my memories of the pieces that predate leggings are hazy. Not to mention, the sheer volume of leggings that exist—there are ones with sheer panels, ones made from plastic, and ones in every print and color imaginable. 

But anyway, after surveying the office and taking the time to reflect, here are the five nostalgic activewear pieces that everyone wore in the '90s and early aughts—some of which are attempting to make a comeback in 2017. Juicy Couture velour sweats, anyone? 

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