The One Trend You, Your Boyfriend, and Every Fashion Girl Will Wear in 2018

The One Trend You, Your Boyfriend, and Every Fashion Girl Will Wear in 2018
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Sure we can't get enough of dramatic sleeves, patent leather pieces, and white boots. But there's one 2018 trend that's really transforming the fashion industry. According to The Annual Topics and Trends Report by Facebook IQ, the conversation around androgynous or unisex clothing is growing rapidly on social media. No surprise, since so many genderless brands are making headlines and mixing things up on the runway.

I have to admit, I (a legit girlie girl) even tried on a top I recently bought from the men's department for my boyfriend. And I loved the way it looked on me so much, I contemplated keeping it for myself. Sure, I wore it as a mini dress, but still the unisex trend is one that we will all wear in some shape or form during 2018.

Look at the biggest runway shows, and you'll see feminine labels already mixing in menswear-inspired pieces all over the place—like masculine plaid suits, over-sized hoodies, and slouchy sweatpants. The boys are also borrowing from the girls with long tunics that have dress-like silhouettes, and we'll never forget about the male romper RompHims.

VIDEO: The Trend You Thought You'd Never Wear Again Is Back


Before you know it, gender labels on clothes will probably be history, so you might as well get ahead of the curve by shopping the best androgynous 2018 trends.

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