Trade In Your Crop Tops for Bikini Tops

Trade In Your Crop Tops for Bikini Tops
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This summer, we're all about seeing how many different ways we can wear our bathing suits. After all, having just three months of the year to flaunt these cute styles is simply not enough!

For our first lesson, we mastered the art of wearing our one-pieces as body suits. And now, we're going to give our bikini tops life beyond the beach, and start wearing them as crop tops. (After all, even style goddess Rihanna is wearing bra tops this summer.)

Want to test out the trend? Start off with a halter-style bikini top with a sporty silhouette—these are super flattering without being too revealing. Pair these tops with a flowy midi skirt or some super cute high-waisted trousers, and poof! You're all set for a night out on the town!

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