11 Sweater Dresses to Wear With Your Knee-High Boots

11 Sweater Dresses to Wear With Your Knee-High Boots

Every girl needs a sweater dress in her fall wardrobe. To be honest, it really doesn't hurt to have a couple of options to keep in rotation. Of course, you could wear your sweater dress with your favorite high-knee boots. But it will also look stylish layered over jeans or on top of a turtleneck. There are so many fun ways to style the versatile piece, and that's why it will always be a smart fall essential to invest in.

The best part about sweater dresses: They come in so many styles that will work for any and every personality. If you're a sporty girl, a sweatshirt design paired with your favorite sneakers will make a chic statement. And if you're into feminine details, look for options with extra frills like ruffles or fringe to amp up the lady-like vibes.

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Take a look at some of the best sweater dresses from around the web below.

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