An Ode To My (and Summer's) Favorite Fabric: Linen

An Ode To My (and Summer's) Favorite Fabric: Linen

Linen has been around for thousands of years—flashback to Ancient Egyptians using the textile as a form of currency. As cool as it would be to still purchase your most wanted with a simple exchange of material, these days linen is usually found as part of our daily wardrobes (and we’re not complaining).

Linen is a fabric that stretches and wrinkles, which puts some people off of the material, but personally, that is why I love it. In the summer months, you cannot deny that you like finding the perfect, breathable pant or a flowing dress that evokes a Greek goddess. This fabric lies beautifully on any body type, while keeping you (looking and feeling) cool and comfortable. Yes, it wrinkles as soon as you sit down, but that is part of its charm. The perfectly-placed wrinkles will give off that effortless laid-back vibe we all crave, resulting in an enviable summer look.

We rounded up some of our favorite pieces below—shop them now and get your linen party going!

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