How to Wear a One-Piece Swimsuit IRL

How to Wear a One-Piece Swimsuit IRL

A small matter of waterproof fabric aside, there’s not much difference between one-piece swimwear and bodysuits. Both options have streamlined, leotard-like fits; neither bunch in strange ways or come untucked when you add another layer on top. Sure, there are some silhouettes that are indisputably beach-exclusive (like, say, this little ditty Kylie Jenner wore last month?), but a sleek silhouette in all black? Or spaghetti-strap cuts in matte fabric? With help from the right separates, most maillots work for much more than vacation.

As for which pieces, exactly, translate your bathing suits to the street, the formula varies. With simple, neutral-hued design as your foundation—think of it as a sleeker alternative to the timeless white tee—most any combination goes, but when color, print, and texture come into play, a polished ensemble requires finesse. Master the process here, where we’ve gathered four of the chicest covered-up styles of the season, and created a go-to look around each.

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