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9 Fashion All-Stars That You Need in Your Closet

9 Fashion All-Stars That You Need in Your Closet

Dear Friends,

This is my final post on Writing this online column has been a real passion project for me. After decades as a fashion editor, I still get a thrill out of finding great clothes and accessories and sharing them with my readers, along with tips about how to keep your wardrobe current and exciting, how to make the most of your assets, and how to express your personality through what you wear. Style matters! It can give you confidence, help you get hired, attract a mate, make friends, communicate who you are to the world …

Working at InStyle has been the highlight of my long career in magazines. My 15 years as fashion director were a wild ride. Such a great team and such a responsive audience! I loved learning what makes you tick—and to tickle you with the fun side of fashion. I hope I also helped you organize your closet, try some new styles you may not have considered, and made the process of shopping more pleasurable.

If my “Age-Wise Style” posts have resonated with you, please check out my new digital shopping site, (“Apprecier” is a French word, which means “to enjoy” and “to grow in value over time.” Isn’t that the essence of having a great wardrobe?)

So, here, for my last InStyle story, I would like to share some of my closet “all-stars”—nine key items that have really delivered for me, time and time again. I hope they will for you as well!

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