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15 Fun Pieces You Can Wear to Celebrate Summer Now

15 Fun Pieces You Can Wear to Celebrate Summer Now

Hooray! It’s finally here! Memorial Day unofficially kicks off summer and conjures up so many happy childhood memories: watching parades, running through sprinklers, hearing the approaching jingle of an ice cream truck, setting up a lemonade stand, capturing fireflies, riding boogie boards, slurping watermelon, building sandcastles, toasting marshmallows over a campfire, and more.

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And, then, there are the adult summer pleasures: lying in a hammock, going sailing, traveling abroad, aimlessly, stopping by farm stands, sipping cocktails on the deck, perusing yard sales and flea markets, dining al fresco, reading silly novels under a beach umbrella, going to outdoor concerts, tending to a garden, attending all kinds of reunions, driving with the top down. Ahhh…

While the grown-up activities are certainly fun, there is no better time to tap your inner child by wearing something whimsical. How about a skirt covered with pink flamingos, a handbag that looks like a picnic basket, lemon-drop earrings or sandals decorated with colorful pompoms and charms? Starting now, you have 15 weekends to enjoy before Labor Day. So here are 15 finds to put a smile on your face and get your summer started.

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