The Return of Logomania Has Us Nostalgic for the '90s

The Return of Logomania Has Us Nostalgic for the '90s

Blame it on the current '90s obsession, but nostalgia for anything remotely associated with the decade has reached fever pitch (see: the vintage Levi's and the Pokemon Go craze). And in an effort to catch them all, we, as a society, are spiraling into a '90s wormhole. Not that we're complaining—we get to relive the '90s in all of its glory, without the awkward growing pains from our childhood's past. But out of all the fashion trends, like chokers and combat boots, one in particular speaks louder than the rest: the return of logomania.

After years of minimalism and discreet branding, designers are bringing the label name from behind the seams (aka the tag of a shirt) and into the spotlight (splashed across the front). Unlike the logomania in the '90s, which essentially served as a decade-long parade of blatant in-your-face labeling, which fed into our brand-obsessed culture and resulted in a new breed of consumers (i.e., brand snobs), this 2016 take hits a sentimental note in an offbeat, arty-eccentric way that Alessandro Michele demoed on the Gucci resort runway. Some are edgy, others are sporty, and all of them are cool (and not at all obnoxious or tacky). And to prove just how wearable this is, we rounded up eight loud logo-stamped sweatshirts that even the shyest would be into.

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