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Shop by Color: Creamy Toasted Almond Clothing & Accessories

Shop by Color: Creamy Toasted Almond Clothing & Accessories
Micaela Rossato

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This all-natural tone is light, like the shell of the nut, but warmer than off-white or even linen. "We call it a suntanned neutral," says Leatrice Eiseman, Pantone’s executive director. "It's a classic color that always comes back because it's timeless."

Perfect Pairings

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When lighter shades feel a little precious for your urban uniform, look for structured pieces in heavier fabrics to pair with your black slouchy trousers or leather skirt. Try a boxy leather T or a crisp cargo jacket in almond.

Now Factor
If spring color trends are defined by a raft of cool ocean tones on one side and warmer pinks and oranges on the other, this neutral, which appeared in 12 percent of runway shows, stands in the middle, a perfect foil for everything from Aquamarine to Strawberry Ice.

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