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Shop by Color: Dreamy Aquamarine Fashion Finds

Shop by Color: Dreamy Aquamarine Fashion Finds

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The oceanic reference speaks to the tranquil waters you'd have to jet off to a faraway island to find. The color, says Pantone's executive director Leatrice Eiseman, has the same "soothing, dreamy quality as the Caribbean sea."

Perfect Pairings

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Its pitfalls are shared by a number of pastels: too light and too close to a certain satiny bridesmaid dress you might still be paying off. If you need a reason to love the shade again, envision it against crisp white in your bedroom, or turn it more luxe than girlie by wearing a gauzy Aquamarine shift with metallic accessories.

Now Factor
This ethereal shade floated down a whopping 16 percent of spring runway shows, often in the form of fluid, flirty dresses.

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