The Best White T-Shirts to Wear with Anything

The Best White T-Shirts to Wear with Anything
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White T-Shirts... where to begin? From my experience, it takes a lot of effort to look effortless. When it comes to a white tee, there are a lot of elements to take into consideration: cut, length, sleeve style, and neckline. That's not even considering your body type and personal style.

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It wasn't until after an email thread between me and Fashion Features Director, Stephanie Trong (subject line: White T-shirts. Body text: an intense discussion pitting the tees we know we love vs. the tees we're interested in trying) that I realized how elusive a simple white T-shirt can actually be. (Very important things happen here at the office, I promise!)

However, thanks to this incredibly significant email chain, plus a few wears of different tees (of which you'll see below), we've rounded up the best white T-shirts you can wear with ANYTHING... to lunch, to the club, to the grocery store—hell, you could even pair it with a blazer and wear it to the Met Gala! Scroll through and shop our eight picks, below.

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