7 White Button Down Shirts With a Twist

7 White Button Down Shirts With a Twist
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Real talk: There is no other piece in your wardrobe as versatile or important as the white button-down shirt. Look polished with pants, Parisian with a pair of jeans, or Risky Businesslike when you wear it as a dress. We could go on and on counting the ways to style it, but instead—an update. 

VIDEO: 3 Ways to Style a White Button Down Shirt

We are well aware that sometimes your most practical piece is not always your most exciting. Sometimes, variety, that good old spice of life (and fashion) is needed. Blessedly, brands are rolling out some fun twists on the workaday white shirt that are sure to keep you interested this season. Whether the main feature is a cool sleeve design, novelty stitching, or multicolor buttons, they'll provide a dose of whimsy without sacrificing the sleek factor.

Scroll through for some new-new white shirt inspiration.

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