9 Chic Black Sports Bras to Up Your Workout Game

9 Chic Black Sports Bras to Up Your Workout Game

When our moms used to chant to us "look good, feel good" we always assumed this was a mantra for job interviews, dates, and other poignant occasions where how you dress can really make a difference. It wasn’t until recently, however, that we started applying this theory to our fitness routine. It’s true: When you look in the mirror at the gym (or at your reflection in a window as you run by), and you like what you see—you’re bound to have a better workout experience.

On the flip side of the athleisure trend is the boom in athletic apparel that’s actually meant to be worn when you sweat. Thanks to boutique companies, like Live the Process and Sweaty Betty, as well as celebrity-led brands, like Ivy Park (Beyonce) and Fabletics (Kate Hudson), our workout wear can now be included in our personal style.

For us, the foundation of a fitness wardrobe is built on the black sports bra: They’re practical, sleek, and least likely to show our perspiration during SoulCycle and Pure Barre classes. All of that means, we like to have a few in rotation, and we like them to be worth showing off when hot yoga gets a little too hot. Ahead, we rounded up nine seriously cool (and supportive) black sports bras from our favorite fitness brands.

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