'90s Graphic Sweatshirts That You'll Want to Wear in 2016

'90s Graphic Sweatshirts That You'll Want to Wear in 2016
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In the past year, have you worn a choker? Stepped into a pair of combat boots? Found yourself some vintage-inspired high-waist denim? If you answered yes to at least one (or lbh, all of the above), then you, like us, are '90s obsessed. And no 1990s nostalgic look is complete without a hit of logo-mania. 

After so many years of discreet branding with minimalist nondescript designs, logos are back in all their glory—a byproduct of the '90s resurgence, a dash of normcore, and a bit of athleisure. But the approach to these slogan-stamped sweatshirts and hoodies isn't the same as way back in the day. There's less of a brand-snob attitude, and more of a sentimental, arty-eccentric (and slightly ironic) POV that Alessandro Ambrosio established with his Gucci collections, especially when styled with a pleated midi or grandma florals. Throwback to the '90s with five of our favorite graphic sweatshirts, below. 

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