The 4 Rules for Minimalist Dressing

The 4 Rules for Minimalist Dressing

So you want one of those wardrobes that allows you to close your eyes, pick three items, and, without any pre-coordination, have a perfect outfit. It fits like a glove, is comfortable, and allows you to drop your kids off at school, run a big business meeting, and attend a cocktail party. This, my friends, is the glory of minimalist dressing.

Fashion editors and industry elite favor brands like Rosetta Getty for creating unique takes on minimalist dressing. No longer can you only have black blazers and trousers to have this ideal wardrobe. Investing in strong pieces to make a uniform that's all your own is enough to do the job. 

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We caught up with Rosetta Getty, the epitome of minimal chic, at the celebration of the inagural edition of the Desert X Art Festival she co-hosted with e-tailer Orchard Mile, at SO.PA Restauarant in Palm Springs. Here, she offers her 4 tips on how to be as chic as her. 

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