Shop 10 Killer Pairs of Leather Pants—Both Real and Faux

Shop 10 Killer Pairs of Leather Pants—Both Real and Faux

Let's face it: Gone are the days when leather pants bring biker, heavy metal vibes to mind; today, modern, minimal silhouettes are turning up everywhere. No matter what your style, age, and budget may be, a slick black pant is a wardrobe must-have. 

You can choose a simple cigarette shape, or go for a culotte or jogger pant. No matter which style (or styles!) you choose, all are available in a range of price points. You can drop $3,000+ on a pair of sick, zipper-spliced Saint Laurents or pick up high waisted bottoms from H&M for $20 bucks.

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How to determine if real or faux is right for you? Well, presumably your bank account—or PETA membership—will make that decision for you. Either way, faux options are especially chic these days. 

Runway inspiration at top: Saint Laurent Fall 2015

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