The Slimming Top That Will Be Everywhere This Fall

The Slimming Top That Will Be Everywhere This Fall

Remember those larger-than-life sleeves from the 80s? Well, that puffy look is making a huge comeback. I know you're probably thinking how is this possible. But this trend doesn't have those bad-'80s-prom vibes at all. Designers have found a way to make the puffy-sleeve actually look really flattering, and that's why you are about to see the modernized look everywhere this fall.

Instead of stuffing shoulders with boxy pads, designers are gathering a few extra inches of material, which adds a dramatic yet elegant effect to sleeves. Sometimes the volume peaks around the shoulders, and other times the puffy detail is highlighted around the wrist area. Either way, the modernized sleeves are super chic, and they instantly create an illusion that makes arms look slimmer.

VIDEO: Check Out Kat Graham's '80s-Inspired Jacket


The flattering detail is featured on so many items this season, from leather jackets to button-down T-shirts. That's why we're making it our new, favorite way to stay warm this fall. You can give the look a try, too by shopping the puff-sleeve tops that we love below.

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