8 Reasons You Need An Oversized Jean Jacket ASAP

8 Reasons You Need An Oversized Jean Jacket ASAP
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Of the myriad outerwear options to be found in fall’s latest collections, oversized jean jackets are an ideal place to start browsing. Long, loose, and filled with devil-may-care swagger, the style—as seen knee-length and tie-dyed at Stella McCartney, pinned and patched to gothic perfection at Marc Jacobs, and slouching, fur-lined, alongside an up-to-there mini dress at Alexander Wang—has not only established its place as one of the buzziest pieces of the season, but is one of the those rare autumn-ready items you can buy and wear in the thick of August (unlike, say, that shearling bomber you’ve been eyeing).

Too big, you ask? Too baggy, you worry? These are not concerns to be had when it comes to this new take on the humble denim topper—wildly exaggerated proportions are the root of its allure, the secret ingredient to its special outfit-making sauce. To wit: You can lean on the loose fit to offset a sexier ensemble à la Rihanna, or take a cue from the Hadid sisters and pair with sleek blues in a coordinating wash. On an unexpectedly chilly summer evening, its loose, boxy drape is a striking counterpoint to any cut-offs and T-shirt combination; a few months later, when the temperature begins to drop in earnest, the generous fit allows you to layer a chunky sweater beneath.

Below, we’ve collected eight covetable takes on the look to stock up on right now (because, pffttt, like we’re only going to pick one)—scroll down to get shopping.

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