This New Sportswear Brand Will Lift Your Spirits After a Breakup

This New Sportswear Brand Will Lift Your Spirits After a Breakup

Have you ever gone through an awful breakup? We've all been there. The aftermath is not the easiest, but we take our time, sometimes binge on ice cream, and pick ourselves up and move forward. Well, we've found the new label that's going to help you get over the ex in a way that's a lot more fun (and healthy)!

AIT, a fresh label from Mexican-born designer and blogger Andy Torres (Style Scrapbook), is taking the fashion world by storm. Not just because the brand is introducing feminine sportswear but because of the clothing and the message behind it. Each piece—from the crisp button-down and slip dresses to a hoodie dress and cheeky tees—has a personalized feel drawn from life's experiences.

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"I wanted my girl to feel connected to the clothing. Maybe she is going through a breakup, or, even better, falling in love. This collection takes you through her story in an organic way," says Torres. A cute T-shirt reads simply "the end" and a versatile hoodie states "let the distance keep us together," for those long distance couples.

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What feels special here is the connection to the human experience and the way it's conveyed in such a womanly and strong way. You'll love the clothes and the woman holding the reins.

The new launch hits today and will have additional pieces rolling out in the future. View some of our favorites like below selects and the Andy hoodie above, then head over to to shop the full collection.

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