These Lululemon Pieces Sold Out in 30 Minutes 

These Lululemon Pieces Sold Out in 30 Minutes 

SeaWheeze, the weekend long event hosted by Lululemon, takes place in Vancouver every summer. The yogi-adored fest consists of mass yoga classes, a half marathon, and a sunset festival to top it all off. This year I participated in SeaWheeze and experienced what I like to call the Lululemon diehards.

For each SeaWheeze festival, Lululemon creates a limited-edition collection of roughly 25 pieces that are then sold at the SeaWheeze Showcase Store. The Showcase Store is a pop-up shop that is open from Friday to Sunday during the fest, but these devoted fans—my "diehard" pals—started lining up the Wednesday before.

This year, Lululemon hit it out of the park when they created a five-piece mini collection for SeaWheeze. The mini collection featured leggings, shorts, tops, and a hat covered in a holographic reflective splatter-paint print. These rainbow-hued, reflective pieces were created exclusively for the SeaWheeze Showcase Store in limited quantities. Wait for it…every pieces sold out in under 30 minutes.

Everyone wanted to get their hands on a piece of the splatter-paint collection, but it was close to impossible! Once these pieces sell out at the Showcase Store, there aren't more produced, and you can’t purchase them at any other Lululemon store. But— here come the Lululemon diehards with an internet connection—you can still find the splatter paint pieces on eBay. The cropped, splatter-paint legging was originally sold for $198, and you can now find it being sold on eBay for up to $800 per pair. Meanwhile, the reflective hat—originally $68—is currently priced at $300.

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These are by far the coolest leggings I have ever seen, and I can safely say the Lululemon fans are the most diehard fans I have ever met!

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