Fashion Lessons We Learned from Summer Camp

Fashion Lessons We Learned from Summer Camp
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Remember Summer Camp? As immortalized in such classics as Salute Your Shorts and Wet Hot American Summer, it's basically an essential rite of passage for American kids and teens. We can almost taste those PB&J sandwiches the counselors would pack for hikes—and who can forget those uniforms we wore day in and day out? Bloomers, khaki shorts, baseball T-shirts, polos and tube socks were just a few of the essentials.

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And unexpectedly, many of these backwoods staples are resurfacing as modern fashion musts. Khaki is cool, baseball T's are a trending, and caps are a cool way to top off any outfit, whether or not you're headed for a sports game. So, it's time to get nostalgic for your summer camp days and then channel the memories into some inspired shopping. 

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