For Real: You Can Choose How Much You Pay for These Clothes

For Real: You Can Choose How Much You Pay for These Clothes

Remember Everlane's epic Choose What You Pay Program? It's a clever strategy that the brand came up with to get rid of overstocked items, and it's still going strong with 66 items recently added. Of course, Everlane could simply mark down the prices of its extra inventory like other companies, but that would just be boring. The creative brand is making online shopping a little bit more fun for us all.

For instance, there's an open-back top that would traditionally retail for $155. But you can choose to pay $48, $55, $62. Sounds like a trick question, right? But it's not. Go ahead and make your choice. The brand, which has always valued being hones with customers, will explain exactly what you're paying for once you make a selection.


The E2 Open Back Top

Everlane | $48, $55, or $62

If you went with $48, you'll learn that 10 percent goes to Everlane—that covers the development and shipping costs. Select $55, and you're covering all of the above, plus overhead for its employees. Going with $62? That will cover everything mentioned above, and allows the brand to invest in creating new products.

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We love that Everlane is making things transparent for customers. It's definitely making us want to shop with the brand more often. You might as well join the fun too, and check out more Choose What You Pay items ahead.

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