Style Scoop: What the Guest Stars Wore on Empire This Week

Style Scoop: What the Guest Stars Wore on Empire This Week

Just when it seems like there can’t possibly be any major secrets or surprises left in the Empire, Fox airs the latest episode of the scintillating soap opera and puts us on the edge of our seats with new jaw-dropping twists and guest stars. This week, Lucious drops a bomb regarding Lola's paternity à la Maury Povich, Malcolm finally gets a taste of the Cookie, and Andre receives treatment for his bipolar disorder with the help of his family and music therapist Michelle White, played by Jennifer Hudson.

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Michelle’s opening outfit reflects her unique profession as both a doctor and a singer. “Michelle is a music therapist, so I wanted to make sure she looked like a doctor but still had a little edge since she is also a musician,” the show's costume designer, Rita McGhee, tells InStyle. “I put her in this neutral-colored, silk Theory blouse and Karen Millen fitted skirt (above) because as a doctor, Michelle needs to be polished and professional ... but as a musician she needs to be contemporary, sexy and fashion-forward. This look is professional but approachable,” McGhee says.

The entire Lyon family, except for Lucious, visits Andre at the medical clinic to support him as he receives music therapy treatment and comes to terms with his bipolar disorder. Lucious rejects Andre and refuses to acknowledge that his eldest son has a mental health disorder, leaving Andre depressed and despondent. In a flashback to his first psychotic episode at a Christmas party, we learn that Lucious has always swept Andre’s mental health issues under the rug when we see that he was more interested in singing with Empire Enterprises star Angie, played by Mary J. Blige, than he was in comforting his visibly disoriented and distressed son.

“In this flashback we meet Angie, who is much more than just a singing partner from Lucious’s past,” McGhee says. “Angie is a star and an Empire performer, but Lucious always saw a softness and a lightness in her, which is why I chose a white, fashionable, fringe Alexis jumpsuit (above) ... She looks angelic and fierce!”

We can't wait to see more of both guest stars in next week's two-hour season finale—be sure to tune into Fox next Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET!

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