Editor Tested: The 5 Best White Jeans That Aren't See-Through

Editor Tested: The 5 Best White Jeans That Aren't See-Through
Timur Emek

When it comes to wardrobe malfunctions, we have all had our fair share, but there is no denying there are just some articles of clothing that run a higher risk of disaster than others. From flimsy dresses that were just too sheer to thin white jeans, we have had plenty of embarrassing moments—even if we don’t want to admit to them. Speaking of white denim, not all jeans are created equal. There is nothing worse than heading out on a warm summer weekend in optic white jeans only to realize your neon green panties are totally visible to onlookers. When wearing these tricky bottoms, we would always suggest wearing nude underwear to ensure the least amount of unwanted attention, but in the slight chance you forget and wear your favorite polka dot undies, you better hope your jeans aren’t see through.

So with this in mind, we set out to find the best white jeans that are thick enough to warrant any color of underwear. From cropped styles to flares and skinnies, we wore the below five white jeans to our very own offices (with pink patterned underwear underneath) and strolled around asking our co-workers if the various styles passed the see through test. Read on to find out our rankings, below.


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