12 Fabulous Coats to Wear to a Winter Wedding 

12 Fabulous Coats to Wear to a Winter Wedding 
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Dressing for a winter wedding takes a little bit more planning (and imagination) than a summer soirée. Not only do you have to trade breezy fabrics and colors for those that are more seasonally appropriate—think luxe jacquards and jewel tones—you have to find a topper that adds to your overall look (that means leaving the puffers, chunky sweaters, and leather jackets at home).

A fabulous coat will not only shine as you transition from outdoors to indoors, but it will also add a level of modesty for more conservative venues. Now, we understand that this might be a perplexing shopping expedition, so we rounded up 12 of the most gorgeous coats perfect for any winter wedding, from today until March.

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