13 Chic Sweaters That Won't Leave You Broke

13 Chic Sweaters That Won't Leave You Broke
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The thing about sweaters is you love them, you can't get enough of them, but buying even just one can mean forking over your paycheck in its entirety (cue tears). We feel you. All that plush wool and mohair blend can really add up, which not only sucks for our bank accounts but also our fashion hearts (cue additional tears).

So what's the sartorially obsessed to do? Well, there's Option 1, which involves missing out on all the fun that is sweaters (including ugly holiday sweater parties). There's also Option 2, which involves dropping your entire life-savings on two, maybe three, sweaters (not an actual option). And then there's Option 3, which is reviewing this list of 13 editor-approved sweaters ringing in under $150. Go ahead, we trust that you're able to make real grown-up decisions (just please, please, please don't choose Option 2).

But if you really need help deciding, here's this: In the round-up below, you'll find everything from voluminous turtlenecks to brass hardware to possibly your next goes-with-everything sweater.

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