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Match Made! The Best Shoe-Pant Combos for Your Shape

Match Made! The Best Shoe-Pant Combos for Your Shape
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Believe it or not, the right shoe-pant pairing can work to your advantage. If you lack curves, like Allison Williams, slip on a pair of drawstring trousers to create the illusion of curves while emitting a tomboyish charm. But counter a too-sporty vibe with ladylike nude pumps. The two together = an unlikely, but wonderfully harmonious union.

Have a small frame? Elongate your stems with cropped, fitted trousers and ankle-strap-less heels. Those encircling straps abruptly cut off your legs, making them appear shorter. Regardless of whether you're petite, tall, or curvy, we found the best combinations you need to know. Click through to see (and shop!) the pairings for your shape, as modeled by your celebrity doppelganger. Next, commit the style tips to memory, and you'll never have a bad pant-shoe day again!

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