The Best Jeans for Women with Round Tummies

The Best Jeans for Women with Round Tummies

If our past denim guides for women with flat butts and big butts are any indication, we’re well aware that finding that magic pair of jeans to make you feel amazing is no easy feat. We know, we know: Trying on pair after pair is draining and exhausting, not to mention potentially ego-bruising when you come out empty-handed.

The next problem area we’re going to tackle? A round tummy. If your midsection is your biggest issue when trying to find a pair of flattering jeans, we hear you. Perhaps you’ve tried wearing shapewear under your denim to no avail, or maybe you’ve given up on jeans altogether because that midsection constriction isn’t worth the trouble.

From high-rise jeans, stretch denim, boot-cut silhouettes, and boyfriend jeans—we asked experts from Current/Elliott, AYR, Levi’s, and more to share their tummy-friendly denim picks. Streamlining your look with dark, clean washes was one of our biggest takeaways, but there’s more where that came from. Ahead, shop our guide for the best jeans for women with a round tummy.

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