A Guide to the Best Jeans for Petite Women 

A Guide to the Best Jeans for Petite Women 

If you know the woes of "shopping while tiny," we feel for you. As a petite woman, finding clothes that fit can be a challenge, especially if the brands you like don’t make specialty petite sizing. When it comes to jeans, your biggest problem is probably length, but if you’re ultra-petite you may struggle with waist sizing, too.

If having every, single pair of jeans you own hemmed to a proper length sounds a little to exhausting to imagine—we’re here for you. No more considering shopping in the kids section, no more chopping off the ends of your jeans and hoping that the frayed look never goes out of style. (It’s very in right now, but that’s a story for another day.)

To help you find a pair of full-length jeans that will actually fit, we’ve returned to our favorite denim fit experts from AG, IRO, Rag & Bone and more to get their best recommendations. Below, shop the best jeans for petite women. 

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