The Ultimate Jeans Guide for Short Torsos

The Ultimate Jeans Guide for Short Torsos

really good pair of jeans can make all the difference—it flatters, it fits, it's comfortable, and it can give you a giant boost in confidence. But when your denim wardrobe comprises mostly of not-so-great ones, the search for that one magic pair can seem hopeless. That's why we're doing our best to crack the code on denim and bring you the best styles for your specific body type. From flat butts to big butts to round tummies, we’ve got you covered.

Next up? Short torsos, which means you have a smaller midsection, though you may not have a petite frame overall. Contrary to popular belief, a pair of hip-hugging jeans isn't your only denim choice (the school of thought is that the lower it sits, the longer your torso will look). But before you resign yourself to the fact that you're limited to one denim style for the rest of your life, we spoke with experts from classic denim brands, like Gap, True Religion, and Levi's, who have pointed out high-rise styles and boyfriend jeans that work as well. Ahead, shop our guide for the best jeans for women with a short torso. 

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