The 1,000-Person-Wait-List Leggings Are Back and Chicer Than Ever

The 1,000-Person-Wait-List Leggings Are Back and Chicer Than Ever
Courtesy Bandier

Earlier this year, BANDIER launched a five-colorway collaboration with Ultracor, which resulted in the most lust-worthy star leggings. These leggings had a whooping 1,000-person wait list before they even launched—they then proceeded to sell out twice. So, if it isn’t know the rest.

BANDIER x Ultracor are at it again with a new collaboration called Summer Storm. The collection comprises 11 pieces covered in lightning-bolt motifs and featuring leggings, sports bras, crop tops, jackets, and a super hot unitard (yes, seriously!).

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For this collaboration, BANDIER and Ultracor put their focus on the fit of the garments. In order to optimize comfort and performance, the leggings now have a higher waist, a thicker waist band, and no center seam (between us: this means you can say goodbye to camel-toe). Plus, every Ultracor legging is made with patented built-in shapewear that lifts the butt, engages the core, and flattens the tummy. Yep, these are pretty much our dream leggings.


Scroll through and shop the freshly launched Bandier x Ultracor Summer Storm collection, which retails from $98 to $250.

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