Yes! American Apparel Is Back and Much More Affordable

Yes! American Apparel Is Back and Much More Affordable
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A few months ago, we were mourning the fall of the fashion brand American Apparel. The company, which is known for creating the sexiest basics we've ever seen, was purchased by Canadian brand Gildan last January. And shortly after all 110 American Apparel stores were closed. But today, we are wiping our tears because the brand's website was rebooted this week.

From a first glance, it didn't look like much had changed. The merchandise still includes wardrobe essentials—like white T-shirt and soft hoodies. Oh, and all of those backless bodysuits and shiny disco pants are also back like they never left. But there is one major difference. The parent company Gildan has moved the manufacturing operations of most of the products overseas, so some of the pieces are no longer made in America.

Either way, the brand is still committed to maintaining ethical standards in sweatshop-free environments, and they are giving customers the opportunity to choose between buying made in the USA items or globally sourced products. On the website, you'll find side-by-side comparisons showing how both pieces look identical, but the internationally produced styles obviously come with lower price tags.

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We've gathered some of our favorite offerings that are available on the newly relaunched American Apparel site below. Just scroll down to check out the resurrected styles, and be sure to head over to the brand's new website for more.

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