5 Fashion Rules We Learned at the National Dog Show

5 Fashion Rules We Learned at the National Dog Show
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There is no denying that dog shows are fabulous affairs. Between the pups' voluminous hairdos and shiny coats, there is a ton of time and energy spent primping for the few minutes of time in the ring where it's all about showing off.

But the glitz and glamour doesn't just end at the four-legged. The event is fashionable for dogs and their handlers alike, and while the attention is meant to be on the dogs, it is known as an unspoken rule to dress to impress as a handler showing. Allison Taylor, a saleswoman at Sparkle Britches Ladies Boutique which focuses a lot on selling dog show attire, said, "There aren't any specific requirements or rules, but it's a respect to the judges to dress up and look professional. You don't want to take focus off your dog because they are truly the star of the show, but in respect to the dog and the sport, you want to look appropriate."

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And the ladies at the National Dog Show presented by Purina, definitely brought it in the fashion department (and a few men, too!). Find out what great style takeaways we took from what could be considered the biggest dog event of the year.

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