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19 Ways to Add Color to your Summer Wardrobe 

19 Ways to Add Color to your Summer Wardrobe 
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Something crazy happens to me every summer. Sartorially, I go from black and white to technicolor!

From October through May, I wear neutral shades almost exclusively. To be honest, I mostly wear black. Many fashion professionals do. It’s slimming, it doesn’t need to be cleaned that often, it’s easy to accessorize, and transitions well from day to night. Please bear in mind, that a lot of us live in New York, London, Milan, and Paris—dark, urban environments where the weather is usually chilly—and we spend a lot of time working. Where you live and how you spend your time has a lot to do with the colors you choose to wear. We’re like birds that way. Why do you think the most colorful ones live in tropical climates and pigeons dominate New York?

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Even though I still have to commute from New Jersey to New York most days, when June rolls around my heart and mind are elsewhere. Color is ultimately an expression of one’s emotions and I associate the summer months with oceans, blue skies, green lawns, hydrangeas, sunflowers, watermelons, peaches, butterflies—and that joy seeps into my wardrobe, especially on the weekends.

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The fact that summer is short is all the more reason to celebrate it! So embrace your inner peacock, toucan, or hummingbird, and live in color for the next few months!

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