Take a Virtual Tour Through Chanel's Newest Pop-Up (Yes, You Can Go!)

Take a Virtual Tour Through Chanel's Newest Pop-Up (Yes, You Can Go!)

Manuel Rodriguez

It should be no surprise that Chanel would embrace an endeavor so rich in female power and community as their newly launched Coco Club pop-up. After all, Mademoiselle Chanel herself was a trailblazer, never one to shy away from hard issues and hard work.

In partnership with The Wing, the team at Chanel has created a unique experience created just for people like, well, you: you know, the hardworking, stressed out, woman in need of a break, a drink, and a place to kick your feet up.

Inspired by the brand’s beloved Boyfriend collection, the Coco Club is a place to find community, rest, and yes, even have fun, amidst your crazy, hectic schedule. And while you’re there, you may even meet another chic power woman like yourself.

Me? I know that I wouldn’t mind having a cup of coffee and getting a smoky eye courtesy of Chanel makeup in SoHo this weekend. And by the way, this opportunity isn’t only available to the fashion elite. Find yourself in N.Y.C.? You, too, can go.

The Coco Club will be open to the public on Sunday, Nov. 12, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at The Wing SoHo in New York City, 52 Mercer Street. You can sign up here, using the code CocoClub.

Here, a virtual tour through the space:

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