See How Gigi, Kendall, and EmRata Elevate Teeny-Tiny Denim Shorts

See How Gigi, Kendall, and EmRata Elevate Teeny-Tiny Denim Shorts
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Celebrities have no shame, especially when it comes to dressing for the red carpet. But leave it to today's It girls to take things to a whole new level. Kendall Jenner once turned heads in this racy double-slit gown (that had everyone doing a double take, naturally), Bella Hadid survived a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen at Cannes in her most daring look to date, and Gigi Hadid has worn everything, from crazy cut-outs to see-through jumpsuits, that have left little to the imagination.

What has happened is that over the years, the stars have collectively built up an immunity to dangerously sexy looks that no ordinary human can pull off. So of course, when translated to the streets and their off-duty uniforms, it should come as no surprise that they would take a universally beloved summer staple like denim cut-offs and take it to the extreme—with micro-short shorts.

And when more than three celebrities step out in the same thing, it becomes more than a trend. It becomes a phenomenon. So, after the fifth instance of seeing stars in itsy-bitsy shorts, we began to chronicle every occurrence. Interestingly enough, despite the truncated hemline (which can oftentimes border on "fashion faux pas" territory), the stars have actually found a way to elevate their denim shorts with smart and strategic pairings. From Gigi Hadid's teeny pair to Emily Ratajkowski's frayed denim, scroll through to see how they're dressing up short shorts.

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