See How 12 Celebrities Style Their Leather Jackets

See How 12 Celebrities Style Their Leather Jackets
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As much as we'll miss our breezy cotton poplin tops, one of the excellent advantages to cooler weather is finally having an excuse to break out one of our favorite transitional outerwear—the leather jacket in all of its dangerous, underground, subculture-originated glory. And even though it's gone completely mainstream, where even the girliest girl today can throw on a moto jacket and no one would bat an eye, it, surprisingly, still hasn't lost the same edge that Marlon Brando embodied when he wore his Schott leather jacket in his role as Johnny Strabler in The Wild One in 1953, or James Dean in his leather on- and off-screen uniform. Badass musicians, too—like Steve McQueen, The Ramones, The Beatles, Debbie Harry, Madonna—made sure to pave the road to rock 'n roll success with leather. 

But once it trickled into high fashion, the leather jacket was rebranded into a luxe item on the runways at Balenciaga, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Gucci in the early 2000s where it topped too-pretty dresses. Now, thanks to both its mass appeal and the power to make any outfit substantially more cool (see: Gigi Hadid, above), it's become a staple in everyone's closet—including the A-list's. So as we ready our wardrobes for the elements with the jacket that was once used as protection for bikers (well, still is), it would behoove us all to find as many ways as possible to wear the versatile piece, which led to this. From Cara Delevingne's It-Brit punk aesthetic to Claire Danes elegant, prim-and-proper look, scroll through to check out (and copy) 12 celebrity-approved outfits that revolve around the leather jacket. 

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