17 Celebrities to Convince You to Wear a Little White Dress Now and Always

17 Celebrities to Convince You to Wear a Little White Dress Now and Always
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You know the acronyms—there's the little green dress (LGD), the little red dress (LRD), the little black shorts (LBS)—but the two that remain the originals are, as you know, the little black dress (LBD) and the little white dress (LWD). As a mainstay in everyone's closet, the LBD is beloved for its unmatched sartorial power to transform itself and work for nearly every occasion imaginable, from a low-key brunch to a fancy affair (it's why this particular one is so magical). And while the LWD is almost just as wearable, what it lacks in versatility, it makes up for in an aesthetic so chic it's somewhat aspirational.

Slipping on a LWD says to the world that you're a responsible adult—you've got it figured out and you can waltz through life taunting fate with your carefree attitude toward possible spills or stains (even if you secretly have a Tide to Go pen stashed in your purse). And that message is exactly what celebrities are putting forth every time they step out in one of their pristine little white dresses. It's a look that's effortlessly polished, thrillingly chic (thrilling, in that chancing stains can be likened to living on the ​edge), and often a subject of envy. It's a look that's difficult, though not impossible, to achieve, and these stars are living proof of that.

Scroll through to see how Hollywood's elite have embraced white in all of its immaculate glory, break the antiquated "no white after Labor Day" rule (which will inevitably come up as it does every year), and channel your most responsible, chicest self in your little white dress from now until the summer ends—and beyond (we still highly recommend a Tide to Go pen though).

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