Exclusive! All The Behind-The-Scenes Details Of Britney Spears' "Work B*tch" Costumes

Exclusive! All The Behind-The-Scenes Details Of Britney Spears' "Work B*tch" Costumes
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Britney Spears has been hard at work promoting her latest album (and managing to look perfectly polished in the process), but while she’s been busy hitting the pavement, we’ve been hard at work watching the fierce video for her hot new single Work B*tch—over and over again. So we went straight to the source to get all the glamorous details behind the elaborate costumes designs, styled by B. Akerlund. “B. Akerlund's costume designs always give me a sense of empowerment,” Spears told InStyle.com exclusively. “The outfits for my ‘Work B*tch’ video were strong and still so sexy.” In the video, Spears sports an array of intricately designed looks, ranging from a custom-made metal mesh bra and hot pants, to a hot pink and electric blue cutout gown with a crystallized thigh-high slit. How did Akerlund come up with each outfit?  “I was really inspired by the song and I wanted something sexy and edgy,” says Akerlund, who has also styled Lady Gaga and Fergie. “Britney was very involved in the fashion and had a strong vision in what she wanted to do. The outfits are sexy, yet they have a soft, romantic feel in the hardness, which I think works with Britney as an artist. We collaborated on everything and she looked great because she also felt great. She owned it.” Get all the behind-the-scenes details on each look in the slideshow below, and be sure to pick up Britney’s new album, Britney Jean, when it hits stores Dec. 3.

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