Make It Yourself: Liberty Print Flower Pots

Make It Yourself: Liberty Print Flower Pots
Jacqui Small

When the brand new book Decorate with Flowers landed on our desk, we wanted to fill our house with flowers.

Botanical buffs Holly Becker and Leslie Shewring, the brains behind decor8 and A Creative Mint respectively, collaborated to create the wildly inspirational book. It’s hard to believe that the authors aren’t florists. They are, in fact, stylists who have a heartfelt desire to spread their love of buds.

“We never intended for our book to focus on a professional approach to floral design,” Becker writes on her site. “Rather, being stylists not florists, we thought to take our experience and create an approachable book that we felt was missing in the market. We wanted to create a book that spoke to those of us who just want to experiment and get playful with real flowers without feeling like we have to pre-order specific blooms or invest a large chunk of cash into a single arrangement.”

Mission accomplished.

The book is, indeed, filled with easily attainable arrangements that are filled with vibrant colors and a hint of sass. Instead of fussy instructors, it’s easy to imagine Becker and Shewring as your fun best friends who peruse the farmers market with you on lazy Sundays and then playfully guide you through creating joyous bunches of blooms.

Along with pages of gorgeous bouquets, Decorate with Flowers also features DIY crafts. Becker and Shewring shared with us one of our favorites: Liberty Print Flower Pots. Bright and playful, the pots are perfect centerpieces for spring brunches or instantly brightening up a dull desk.

Read on to find out how to create these low-effort, high-impact centerpieces.

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