5 Style Lessons For Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

5 Style Lessons For Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses
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A great friend of mine is getting married in September and has asked me to be a bridesmaid. Not only that, but she’s allowing her 'Big Day' squad to choose their own dresses for the ceremony. As refreshing and civil as it is that she's elected to be what my friends refer to as a "chill bride," this decision—to put the look of each of your very individual bridesmaids into their own hands—is not without it’s own potential pitfalls. (Give an inch, take a mile and all that...)

Here's the good news: Being Chill Bride doesn’t mean you must relinquish all control and agree to "just go with it," when your cousin Karen sends you the link to the audaciously short and low-cut dress she wants to wear to your wedding. Chill Bride has laid out a few helpful guidelines for her beloved bridesmaids in advance regarding color, length and "mood" of the dresses she wants beside her at her wedding. A quick note emailed to Karen about said pre-established guidelines will clear things right up.

A browse of Pinterest is all it takes to see just how popular the mismatched bridesmaid dresses trend has become lately. We first took notice of it when Molly Sims got married in Napa back in 2011. For her ceremony, each of her seven bridesmaids wore a different dress in shades of nude, olive, and cream—each with a dash of black. Everyone looked unique and happy, and the overall aesthetic in photos (the most important thing, of course) is pretty and cohesive. There are almost unlimited variations in how a Chill Bride can unite her distinctly dressed bridesmaids. She can use color families, length, prints, and fabric to create a theme while letting every woman choose a dress silhouette in which she feels her best. Ahead, we’ve outlined five styling lessons for brides to keep in mind when deciding how to dress their mismatched bridesmaids.

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