How Body Confidence Can Help Curvy Women Find the Perfect Bra

How Body Confidence Can Help Curvy Women Find the Perfect Bra

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A lot goes in to finding your perfect bra. But before style, price, and even sizing, one of the upmost important factors is body confidence. We know that most intimate pieces can make us feel a little self conscious. But loving yourself is the boost you need when trying your next bra. We spoke with model and founder of size-inclusive brand Liberté (the new intimates brand, which launches January 2018 and includes sizing up to 38H and 3X), Amber Tolliver, to get a bit of insight on the connection between self love and shopping for intimates.

"Lingerie is the first thing you put on in the morning, but confidence doesn’t start after you're dressed—it starts long before that," Tolliver tells InStyle. "[Society is finally] getting on the right path and acknowledging that our bodies are much more than just “standard” or “ plus” sizes. We're inherently unique, and our individuality makes us beautiful." That's why Tolliver believes that buying a bra that fits properly can not only change the way you look in your clothes, but also how you feel. "With proper support, you can also alleviate strain on your back and shoulders," Tolliver goes on to explain. "No matter how you spin it, knowing your proper size and getting options that fit will leave you empowered."

We couldn't agree more! Scroll down to shop 5 styles that you should have in your bra wardrobe. And don't just wear them, wear them with confidence!

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