8 Movies With the Best-Dressed High Schoolers Ever

8 Movies With the Best-Dressed High Schoolers Ever
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For many of us, high school is a thing of the past. And for others, it's the current reality. Regardless of where you are on the high-school spectrum—happily enrolled youth or at "thank god I made it out unscathed!"—I think we can all appreciate the amazing style that makes its way down the hallway from glee club to AP U.S.

VIDEO: Movies With the Best Dressed High-Schoolers Ever


Here, we've gathered 8 classic teen movie with the best-dressed students ever. From the '90's classic Clueless to the cool kids of Rydell High in Grease and more recent fare, like Dope, we considered any flick that features lockers and fab style. 

If you're preparing your wardrobe and heading back to school this month, here's little inspiration to kick off your shopping. Or, if you're feeling a little nostalgic for the days of Trapper Keepers, this one's for you, too! Scroll down and celebrate the style of some of our favorite teens ever.


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