The Best Bras for Large Breasts

The Best Bras for Large Breasts

No two sets of breasts are alike, so finding the perfect fitting bra can be a process. If you're a woman with larger breasts, meaning that you are a 36C and up, you have different needs than a woman who is a 32B. Most importantly, you need more support.

"Having the right cup size is important so the cups don’t gap or create a 'quadriboob,' that extra bulge popping out of the top of a bra, but I can’t stress how important it is to know the correct band size," says Erin Lynn, vice president of marketing, Intimate Apparel at PVH. "The majority of support comes from the band, so if it is not fitted properly, the wearer may experience sagging or their straps digging in as a result of carrying most of the weight."

Of course getting properly fitted is paramount, but there are certain styles that fuller-busted and curvier women may like or are more inclined to try, like bras with a side panel that smooths out “sleevage” aka underarm bulge, says Lynn. Minimizers also offer a sleek silhouette and eliminate the gaping on button-front shirts. So with that in mind, we found the 6 best bras for larger breasts.

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