The Street-Style Brand That It Girls Can't Get Enough Of

The Street-Style Brand That It Girls Can't Get Enough Of
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It honestly feels like not one week goes by when a press release doesn't land in my inbox notifying me that one of today's It-girl celebrities was snapped in something by Unravel Project. There's Kendall Jenner in leather lace-up pants by the label. A day later, Gigi Hadid in an army green Unravel Project bomber. Oh, and then there's Kylie Jenner wearing those very same leather lace-up pants.

What is Unravel Project? It became increasingly and abundantly clear to me that I had to find out. The brand is founded by Ben Taverniti, and in more than a year (just shy of two), it's become the Holy Grail of street-wear, supplying bomber jackets, distressed knits, lace-up leather pants (both racily running down each leg and the front) to the most paparazzi-stalked celebrities around, including both Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, and Gigi and Bella Hadid.

"I was looking at what was out there and there was something missing, so I created a brand that didn't compromise, that didn't take directional or commercial pressures, that didn't follow trends or seasons or trends," he tells us over the phone. "And I made it extremely luxurious. When you put all of that on paper, people were like, 'You're out of your mind.'"

Crazy or genius? Perhaps he had to be both to find success, because he garnered attention from the very beginning. He built the foundation of his brand on essentials—the tee, the biker jacket, the bomber, the sweatpants, the leather skinny, he rattles off—and he stresses that they'll always be there. The brand, if anything, will evolve, not change.

"When one is wearing something, pretty much everybody else is," he says when asked about how his brand gained traction so suddenly, calling out Paris Fashion Week specifically as the catalyst. "All the celebrities have been wearing the brand since day one. But during fashion week in Paris, I was like, 'Oh my God, something's happening.' It's cool, because we work so hard to do the best of the best, and people are responding to it, people want it. And we have celebrities who get mad because something's sold out."

I asked him which piece is always sold out. "Really, pretty much everything," he says, upfront. "Any time we ship anything, it sells out—it's a problem." It's probably the best problem he could have. So what makes Unravel so special? "It's the fit, it's feminine, it's sexy, and it's luxurious," he explains. "With Unravel, each one is unique, it's not cookie-cutter, and that's what makes it different."

Scroll through to see the stars wearing Unravel and shop the pieces—if they're not sold out, that is.

You can buy Unravel Project at, and

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